PhotonQ will realise a measurement-based photonic quantum processor.

The PhotonQ approach

PhotonQ follows an alternative approach to gate-based quantum computing.

PhotonQ’s measurement-based photonic quantum processor uses highly entangled photonic states and adaptive measurements to realise universal quantum computing.

The PhotonQ processor

PhotonQ’s quantum processor will be built of deterministic single-photon sources, scalable silicon-photonic circuits, novel interconnection technology and single photon detectors.

The PhotonQ software

PhotonQ will realise quantum algorithms and work towards a scalable photonic system.

PhotonQ will research novel quantum computing schemes tailored to the PhotonQ processor.

The PhotonQ expertise

PhotonQ brings together experts from quantum technologies, quantum optics, solid-state physics, microelectronics, photonic integration and optical 3D printing.


The PhotonQ partners

The PhotonQ quantum processor will be set up and operated at the University of Stuttgart.

The PhotonQ partners are based at the Universities of Stuttgart, Würzburg, Mainz, Ulm, the Technical University of Munich, the Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart and Vanguard Automation GmbH


PhotonQ is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.